HFFGbelieves in the strong need for advocacy in human rights especially women, children and young people.

At HFFG we seek to bringing about significant changes in the lives of people in less privileged areas

Our Vision

As a gender based is to form partnerships that will facilitate and improve the health, education and socio-economic status of women, children and young people through empowerment, rights based approaches, innovative and acceptable participatory strategies.

Core Values

HFFG recognizes the following core values which reflect our character as an organization.

Professionalism and Teamwork,Honesty, Accountability,Non-discriminatory,Dedication and Openness

The Organization's Objectives
  • A. To build the capacity of communities towards primary health care
  • B. To ensure gender mainstreaming and meaninful participaton of women, children and young people at all levels of our work
  • C. To promote sexual reproductive health and rights
  • D. To ensure the promotion, protection, respect for and fulfillment of the rights of citizens
  • E. To promote formal education in under served communities and among girls
  • F. To promote and ensure child protection and child survival

HFFG's 2014 ICOACH Report


HFFG's 2016 Final ARMS Report


HFFG's 2017 Final ARMS Report