HFFG's Focus Areas

HFFG’s work aims at influencing decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions to ensure favourable environment for the implementation of programmes that target the vulnerable (women, children and young people including persons with disability).

The Organization in key in advocacy for girls’ and women’s education at all levels

Social and Behaviour Change Communication

HFFG uses innovative strategies, technology and cultural sensitive programming in implementing social and behavior change communication interventions in health, education and socio-economic programmes that target women, children and young people including persons with disability.

Preventive Health –Primary Health Care

HFFG focuses on providing primary health care services through community mobilization, health promotion and education using innovative, participatory and behavior change communication strategies that are acceptable, affordable and accessible to communities and targeted beneficiaries.

Strengthening Capacity and Knowledge Sharing

HFFG believes strongly that project beneficiaries should be the basis of their needs assessment and therefore should own the participatory-designed projects put in place to address them. In this light, the organization seeks to leave with the beneficiaries the skills to assess needs, design, implement, monitor and appraise the projects put in place for them.

This makes the beneficiaries owners of not only projects but skills that will forever enable them to improve the quality of their life. HFFG therefore builds the capacity of beneficiary communities in this aspect through institutional linkages with CBOs and other community-based structures.

Social and Behaviour Change Communication

HFFG implements interventions that establishes and promotes micro-savings and integrates Village Savings and Loans Schemes (VSLS) into sexual reproductive health and child survival programs specifically targeting women and young people. In this way, the organization hopes to increase their income earning base and empower them to meaningfully participate in decision making at all levels.

Beneficiaries are supported with training aimed at developing their entrepreneurial skills as well as enhancing the management of their ventures.